Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ship Cabinet

This is a mahogany cabinet that I built about nine years ago for the first ship model that I ever made.  The design is one that allows the cabinet to be mounted on the wall so that it doesn't take up any table top space.  I wanted clean views of the interior so it originally did not have any corner supports in the front.  After about a year on the wall of my office at work the base started to sag a little so I added brass rod supports to the front of the case that transferred the wight of the glass to the much stronger upper portion of the case.  After changing jobs I brought the case home and added mahogany "L" pieces to the front of the case to cover a section of glass that spalled off years ago when the brass rods were installed.  The case has a light in the top with a switch under the cabinet.   These are a couple of shots of the case in the workshop after adding the front pieces.

 And here the case is mounted on the wall in the storage area waiting for use again some day, safe and out of harms way...

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