Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Archtop Guitar Build - Linings and Bracing

My table saw is very high precision but the blade can't be tilted so I had to figure out a way to cut the kerfs and the incline.  I squared up quarter-sawn spruce and used this jig to make the saw kerfs every 1/4 inch on the flat stock.  The small spline is inserted into the previously made cut and indexes the cuts with good precision.
Now that the kerfs are cut, the wood is then run through the spindle sander with an inclined fence to make the angled edge.
 Here are the finished pieces.
 The linings were then installed around the perimeter with cross braces placed at set distances as per the plans.
The quarter-sawn spruce braces for the top were marked using the jig below.  A 0.5mm pencil lead was placed through the hole drilled in the side of the jig and the rounded end was run across the inside of the top so that the jig could scribe a line a fixed distance above bottom on each side of the brace.  The material below the line was sawn off and the brace was trued up so that it fit at all points across the brace.  This is very tricky to do because it is running across an area that is anything but flat and true.  It slopes in all directions but if you remove small amounts and test fit, frequently, you can get a precise fit.
The braces sit a long way from the edges of the top plate.  I took advantage of the "f-holes" and threaded some cam clamps that I had made for my uke build through them to clamp the brace.
 Small pieces of lining were placed over the side braces to complete the linings.

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