Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HMS Triton Frigate Cross Section Build Log - Part 1

 This is a log of the building of a 1:48 scale cross section of the British Frigate Triton from 1771.  The highlights of this model's construction will be outlined in this series of posts.  The plans for this model were originally posted on the ModelShipWorld forum.  The model is made of cherry, holly, brass and sheet copper.
 The first step was to build an assembly jig so that the individual frames of the hull can be precisely aligned.
 The frames are made up from individual timbers, just like the full sized ship.  These members form two layers (double frame) that together make for a very strong structure.  This is a photo of the cut out members of one frame.
 This is what the frame looked like when glued together.
Here is the completed frame along with the keel section and false keel. The keel has indexing pegs on its upper surface to make for a stronger joint with the frames.  The little white dots on the frame are treenails (pronounced "trunnels")  They are little wooden pegs that hold the members of the keel together.


  1. Hey Scott, I'm interested in your Triton build, do you have a contact about another project?

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  2. Sorry Craig, I don't understand your comment

  3. Do you have a contact for a commissioned project?

    1. Sorry but I don't check this blog often. My web site is, my contact info is there.