Thursday, May 19, 2011

HMS Triton Frigate Cross Section Build Log - Part 2

 Once the frames were complete and held together by the hull timbers, the hull was removed from the building jig and the floor members were installed.  The curved pieces are knees and added stability around areas where the masts went through the ship and were connected to the keel.  A large number of precision joints were needed to hold all of these floor members together.  This is how they were done.
 First a rabbet was cut into the piece to be fitted and this was then cut to length and a square was used to make sure that everything laid true.  Lines were scribed to show where the corresponding relief joint needed to be cut.

 An X-Acto knife was used to score the joint.
 A fine chisel was used to cut the joint.
 And the joint was cleaned up.
This is what the finished product looked like.  Now repeat this many times till finished!

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