Friday, November 18, 2011

Ukulele Build Part 12

Here is the jig that I built for routing the bindings for the uke.  It is made from a Stewart Mac router base and guide.  The dremel is mounted in the base and is supported on the back end to take some of the stress off of the router base.  The base and guide are bolted to an upright board and an adjustable support is bolted through a slot in the upright board.  The router guide (brass piece on top) controls the width of the route and the support (triangular maple piece) controls the depth.  The reason why something like this is needed is because the tops and backs of guitars and ukes do not make 90 degree angles with the sides.  Because of this you cannot simple set the router base on the top or bottom and route around the instrument.  You must use the side of the uke as the part that is supported for the cut.
Here is a photo of one of the ukes on the jig for routing.  The triangle supports the uke and the brass piece in this case is riding on the back of the uke and is contolling the depth of the cut.   One key here is to make multiple shallow passes to not over burden the bit and cause chatter or tear out.
 Here is a uke with the binding channels cut.
Here is the other uke with the maple binding glued in place with masking tape to hold it is place till dry.

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