Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ukulele Build Part 15

I decided to finish the uskes before gluing on the finger board or saddle.  This made one less thing to mask off and made sanding the finish easier because there was nothing mounted on the uke to get in the way.  I masked off the neck as well as the spot on the body where the saddle will be glued on.  The ukes were mounted on pieces of doweling ("uke on a stick") to make for easier spraying of the lacquer finish.  I decided to try two different finish styles.  The uke made from the kit was sanded out to 600 grit wet/dry then 1000 grit wet.dry and then buffed with 0000 steel wool.  This left a very soft matt finish that feels really smooth to the touch (great for necks).  The scratch built was finished in the same was as the "perfect guitar finish post" describes and is a deep, high gloss.  Here are photos of the ukes.

"Steel wool finish Uke on a Stick"

High gloss finish (the dull spot is where the saddle goes)

High gloss back with steel wool on the back of the neck

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