Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ukulele Build Part 16 Final

The bridges were glued to the tops using the cam clamps that were detailed earlier in this series of posts.  I used a template to find the exact location of the saddle and then marked the perimeter of the bridge with low tack masking tape.  This not only showed exactly where the bridge went but it also protected the top from excess hide glue.

The bone nuts were finished by filing the slots for the strings into them and the action of the ukes were set to the specifications in the instruction manual.   The fret boards and bridges got a coat of bore oil and the saddles were glued in place with white glue.  I made the mistake of stringing the first uke like a guitar (high end smallest string to low end largest string).  After consulting the directions I restrung the correct way to G-C-E-A and now they are ready for use.  The Grover tuners are much better than the through the head piece friction tuners that came with the kit and I'd recommend getting a set should you choose to build a uke.
I hope that you've enjoyed following along with the build.  Now I've got to figure out how to play these...

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