Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fender Headstock Tables

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These are a couple of tables that I made earlier this year. The tops are made from maple boards that are held together with dowels.  The color of the boards was not an exact match for a vintage stratocaster headstock so I bleached the boards to make them white and then used tinted shellac to make them look just right.  I used A/B wood bleach to do this.  The A part (Sodium Hydroxide) is applied to the wood and allowed to sit for 5-10 minutes. While the wood is still wet, the B part (Hydrogen Peroxide) is applied and allowed to sit for as long as wanted (or till dry). The box said let stand over night but the books that I read said to neutralize with dilute white vinegar so this is what I did. The photo below shows the untreated table on the left and the treated on the right. I should mention that the table on the left has less variation in tones between the pieced together maple boards than the one that was bleached, so the results are even more dramatic than the photo shows. 

The legs for the tables were turned from maple and held in place with screw on under table mounts.  The Fender and tuner decals were printed on white ink jet decal paper and covered with clear acrylic spray.   The remaining decals were printed on clear decal paper and likewise sealed.  The decals and shellac were protected with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal to make them water resistant and they looked like this when finished.


  1. Where do you get these decals used for the Fender Headstock Table? Thanks in advance!- greg

  2. They are home-made. The text happend to be really close to one of the Word fonts and the tuners are photos of my Strat"s tuners. The Fender and contour body I think were from the internet?

  3. How did you get the shape of the headstock? Could you get us a picture/model for it?

  4. Sorry you'll have to draw/scan it yourself since it is Fender's design.