Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spray Booth

This is one of my most used tools in the work shop.  It is a combination spray booth and dust extractor.  A section of steel dryer venting connects the unit to an outside vent when it is used as a spray booth and a second set of filters in inserted into the front opening of the unit when it is used as a dust extractor.  In dust mode the unit is not vented to the outside but rather recirculates the air in the workshop through the double filters and pulls all of the suspended dust out of the air.  Plans for designing a booth can be found at the Spray Booth Design Page.  There is a light on the top that shines through a piece of plexiglass to illuminate the booth.  One important point to bear in mind is that many of the paints that we use can be explosive if the vapors reach a spark so having the motor isolated from the air path is critical.

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